Aval Student Services is a group of experienced, dedicated professionals committed to providing the best solutions to students from all around the world seeking educational institutions and allowing students to find their dream university in Spain.

Learn about admission requirements, deadlines, costs, and the necessary steps to make your study abroad dream a reality!
We provide assistance to the student to face any difficulties that may stand in the way of achieving his goals in order to obtain knowledge and achieve the desired goal in order to ensure the best.

Our History
Founded in 2018, Aval Student Services was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between aspiring students and international educational opportunities. Recognizing the challenges and barriers that students faced in accessing quality education abroad, we’re embarked on a mission to simplify the process. Over the years, Aval has grown from a small startup to a leading name in student services, known for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and student success. Our journey is marked by loads of students who have realized their dreams of studying abroad, thanks to the personalized support and expertise provided by Aval. As we look to the future, Aval Student Services remains dedicated to expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings, continuing to make a difference in the lives of students around the world.

We work to provide study and training programs starting from studying the foreign language according to the universities’ request and based on the law of higher education and at the best and most prestigious internationally accredited universities, all the way to studying a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate for various scientific, literary, and other specializations.

Study abroad is a major life-changing decision for most students, and there are important questions that require professional advice and assistance to be answered.
At Aval Student Services, we are available to help answer these questions and guide our students through the entire process of studying abroad. We help them make informed choices and achieve their dreams of pursuing quality education.

Online and Face-to-Face Consultations
Regular face-to-face and video chats, answering all your questions and doubts. We are naturally striving to continuously improve our high-quality service and develop our counselors and services further to exceed your expectations every day.


We believe in a blend of positivity, skills, and fun – making your journey to study abroad a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have achieved success in helping students from various universities and academic institutions around the world, and this makes us a reliable partner for providing academic support. Aval provides advisory services to students and facilitates admission procedures at accredited and recommended institutes and universities in Spain..

Our Vision
At Aval Student Services, we seek to become leaders in providing distinguished and innovative student services, aiming to enhance student success and achieve their academic and professional ambitions. We envision a world where every student can access the best education opportunities regardless of their geographical location or financial status, and we strive to make this vision a reality through our dedicated services.

Our Mission
Providing innovative and effective educational programs to enhance student achievement and develop their academic skills. We are committed to providing the best possible service while fully maintaining privacy. Our mission is to empower students by providing comprehensive support and guidance, enabling them to navigate the complexities of international education and achieve their aspirations with confidence.

Why Should You Choose Aval?

Choosing the right partner in your journey to study abroad is crucial. Here are several reasons why Aval Student Services stands out as the best choice for students looking to fulfill their educational dreams internationally:

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises individuals who have not only worked in education for years but have often studied abroad themselves. This blend of personal and professional experience means we truly understand the process and challenges, enabling us to offer advice and solutions that are both practical and empathetic.

Personalized Support

We believe every student’s journey is unique. Aval takes pride in offering personalized consultation and support, tailoring our advice and services to match your specific academic and personal needs. Our goal is to ensure that each student feels supported and confident every step of the way.

Comprehensive Services

From choosing the right course and institution to visa application assistance and pre-departure briefings, Aval provides a comprehensive suite of services. We’re here to help with every aspect of your study abroad experience, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

Global Network

With partnerships and connections with numerous accredited institutions around the world, especially in Spain, Aval can offer a wide range of options and opportunities to students. This vast network enables us to find the best fit for our academic goals and preferences.

Commitment to Success

At Aval, your success is our priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have all the tools, information, and support needed to achieve your academic and professional ambitions. Our success stories and testimonials from past students speak volumes about our commitment and effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: We constantly strive to enhance our services and offerings by incorporating the latest trends and feedback. Our dedication to innovation means that you receive the most updated and effective guidance possible.

Choosing Aval Student Services means partnering with a dedicated, knowledgeable team that will be with you every step of your study abroad journey. Let us help you turn your academic dreams into reality with our unmatched support and guidance.